Thursday Doors – Oct 27, 2016

Today we have guest door pictures from Stockholm, Sweden. This is a continuation of pictures taken by my brother and guest photographer Rick Waugh. I do not have any information about the actual locations of the pictures, so if you are interested in details, let me know in the comments section and I will ask Rick to respond.





Thanks again to Norm Frampton and his blog Norm 2.0 for sponsoring the Thursday Door challenge. Hop over to his post this week on the Academy of Medicine in Atlanta. From there you can link to all of the other Thursday Door posts from around the world. If you like these posts, consider joining in on the fun and take some photos to share with us.


7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Oct 27, 2016

      1. Completely, I’d say. Your pictures really speak volumes, and literally, “open door” to wonders, thoughts, ideas, incites. It’s really wonderful. I’m happy I found this site and that you share your pictures. Completely unique and delightful way of looking at the world.

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      2. There are a few that have real talent and can capture the essence of what is. I used to be a photographer, I love seeing what others do. It’s a loss to me I’m unable to do this, I thrill when I see great photography that captures a moment in particular. Yours does, as does your brothers, so talent runs in the family I think.

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