Sunday Trees – 259: Oct 30, 2016

I call these two trees “The Twins”. They appear to be the same size, shape, and age. Check out the lower left hand corner. You will see a painter standing in front of an easel. This was the second time I have seen this painter in this spot.

Here is the picture again, followed by the original shot from my iPhone 6 before I cropped it.



I think I like the second shot better with the fence running along the left hand border and the artist’s red car adding a splash of color. Let me know what you think.

As always, I want to thank Becca Givens for hosting this weekly challenge. You can find her entry for this week at “On Dragon Fly Wings with Buttercup Tea“.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Trees – 259: Oct 30, 2016

  1. The cropping made the twins more noticeable, credible .the shot would have been good without cropping, but you made it special by cropping. The painter must live the symmetry of the trees also else he wouldn’t return.

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  2. I always have difficulty in deciding if I like cropping of the trees I find —
    I have a tendency to like close-ups. Since you like the fence, you might try a comparison with less cropping with some fence still showing — midway. Thank you for sharing!

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