I Have a New Friend

Last night we had our annual neighborhood Halloween celebration. Families gather in the parking lot outside of our clubhouse with all of the children and many of the adults in costume. Tables are assembled and decorated with Halloween table cloths and then each family brings a side dish, a dessert, or drinks to share with neighbors. This year the home owners association took over the job of buying and preparing the weenie roast, which is the heart of the celebration.

The idea is to give the children a chance to run around, show off their costumes to their friends, and eventually get some food in their stomachs before they parade around the neighborhood collecting candy.

This year, one of our neighbor’s children stole me away from the celebration to be her ‘special friend’. I was dragged around from place to place to play games with her. We also went to the food line together and we filled up two dinner plates and then went off to find a seat to have dinner together. She was just too cute not to go along with all of her fun antics.


After dinner, all of the adults went back to their homes to prepare for the parade of children soon to arrive in costume with their bags and buckets clamoring to be filled with candy and treats.This year we brought our fire pit to the end of the driveway along with some camp chairs to sit around the fire and watch the show.


For the next two hours, the streets were filled with children, young and old, going from house to house, catching up on family news, admiring each others’ costumes, and renewing the neighborhood spirit.

When it was my new friend’s turn to stop by our house, you could sense her excitement. I got a big hug and a smile for the ages. She was too cute for words.


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