Mundane Monday Challenge #83 : Learn Photography

Today we have a picture of fallen leaves in the forest. This picture was taken yesterday afternoon in Haw River State Park in Browns Summit, NC. The sun was two hours away from setting and cut through the almost empty treetops to yield some beautiful light and shadow patterns on the forest floor.


So, the setting was mundane, but the result was not.

Thanks to PhoTrablogger for hosting the Mundane Monday series. To see this weeks entry challenge go here. From there you can see other entries via the links in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge #83 : Learn Photography

  1. Great photo. North Carolina. Wish I’d spent more time there while Barb and I were able to travel. I’m sure you recall the old color 35mm with ASA 10. True color could only be obtained between 10 and 2.
    I’m reading a novel where the setting is in the Outer Banks.

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    1. My wife and I had been anticipating visiting this new state park for almost a year. We have just begun to explore it and look forward to more visits. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Take a look at my Sunday Trees for more pictures.


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