Romilia Quotes 58

This is very insightful.


“Be prudent in what you say about the Donald Trump presidency. He looks like a man who always defies negativism to emerge victorious. The best minds were among those who predicted he would not win 2016. He said he would win and won. Do not say he will not succeed as president. He may as well give another surprise both to Americans and the world. The enormous challenges which are already signalling may be the reason he succeeds with flying colors”

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6 thoughts on “Romilia Quotes 58

  1. Had I been eligible to vote in the US he would not have been my choice, but democracy with all its flaws is still the best way to govern; at least the US will have a choice to change in 4 years time, which is more than most countries.
    (Actually now that the dust is settling my own opinion is that he is a better option than Ted Cruz)

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      1. Either makes or breaks them. We shall see. History has given him a great responsibility. I will now judge on deeds. My mind is strangely open (being UK extreme left-winger)

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      2. Indeed. History always has the final say!
        Just to clarify a previous remark I felt Ted Cruz would be a bit too ‘quick’ in all of his international responses without giving matters due consideration. This of course would be my main concern, being part of the ‘international’. It will be interesting to see how Donald Trump as US Presidents deal with this side of things, and of course how he manages his Joint Chiefs of State and Statement Department (as I’m sure they will wish to manage him- a time honoured battle in most democratic governments)

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