Sunday Trees – 262

Today we recognize the continuous changeover in life, where those that have come before pass and the next generation flourishes in their stead. For there can be beauty in death as there can be in life. The featured image shows the gnarled stretching fingers of a tree that has passed its prime with new life coming from below to capture the sun.


The next photo shows a graveyard of trees on the forest floor, providing nourishment through their decay to the strong and silent youth springing up in their midst.


Here we have a former monarch resting comfortably on a bed of leaves.


Finally, we have a section of a tree long passed that is capturing a last bit of sunlight on this autumn day.


Thanks for stopping by to this week’s Sunday Trees post. If you enjoyed seeing pictures of trees, stop over to Becca Givens blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea‘ to see her entry as the sponsor of this weekly challenge. From there you can go to the comments section to find other contributors for the week.

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