How Things Have Changed!

Here is a page from a 1994 Hallmark address book. Tell me, would you write down all of this information in one spot where it is so accessible to anyone who happens to pick up your book? Do you even have a written address book anymore? Think about how things have changed in the last 22 years.


6 thoughts on “How Things Have Changed!

  1. Up until very recently I was still using a written address book. Slowly I started adding people to my phone contacts and little by little they all made their way in. I still use a purse-sized paper calendar, though! It drives my husband crazy (he works in IT), but every two years I put on my Christmas list “two-year paper calendar, $1 Target.” I’m just not ready to give that up.

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  2. This sort of wonderfully innocent invite still turns up in Diaries, with the possible exception of the credit card no.
    Some folk…I just want to wrap them up in a fluffy blanket, keep the night-light on, and tuck them with a furry bunny, they shouldn’t be allowed out in the world.

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