Sunday Trees – 263

Today my wife and I put up our Christmas tree. It is a little earlier than usual, but we have many plans for the month of December. I hope Becca doesn’t mind an early Christmas tree post, because I am sure we will see a few more in the upcoming weeks. Anyway, here is a timeline series of photos from start to finish:



This year, all of the ornaments are either red balls or Santa’s. Here are a few close up photos of my favorites.






Finally, we added picks to the tree for the first time and put the blanket underneath


Here is another version taken by my wife Alice with her iPhone6:


For more great Sunday Trees photos head over to “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea” to see what Becca Givens has to offer. Then check out the comments for links to many other wonderful Sunday Tree posts.

Update on 11/28/2016.

Here is the tree lit up last night:


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