Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Windows

This is my favorite window shot that was featured on my Monday Window post in the middle of September. The picture is from the Ss. Nicholas, Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Roseland, New Jersey. You can follow the link to learn more about the Church and its windows and doors.


Here are the windows from the inside.


And here is another window looking out over a small courtyard.


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fresh

This week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge from ‘Dutch goes the Photo‘ is to picture something fresh. How about two freshly picked cherry tomatoes. The background is our granite counter top in the kitchen. You can see some sparkles of water droplets from having just washed these beauties.


Here is a picture of me holding the tomatoes immediately after picking them:


This was our one experience with gardening at out house in North Carolina. We were given the tomato plant by the builder of our house.


Tuesdays of Texture | Week 48 of 2016

This is a continuation of my Mundane Monday post where I displayed a few photographs of a local field filled with huge round bales of hay. Follow the link to see more texture filled shots.

In the featured image, I brought in the background trees, both fallen and leaning precariously in their last grip on life.


My true test for texture comes when I use a black and white filter, eliminating color as a distraction.


Let me know what you think. Did I capture texture?

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Smells of the Season – Aromatic

Turkey wings roasting, a full week before,

Gravy to make, with smells galore.

The meal is so big, it takes days to prepare,

The family is coming, no time to despair.

The frige is so full, no room for white wine,

Store in the garage, they should be just fine,

The reds we stand up to settle the dregs,

Decant them we will, from oak in the kegs.

The morning arrives, all the plans have been made,

The pies go in first, their smell just won’t fade.

They are so aromatic, you beg for a taste,

But mother says no, shoos you off in her haste.

The stuffing is key to a thanksgiving meal,

The bread crumbs prepared, the onions are peeled.

Saute those onions with sausage and spice,

Combine the ingredients, the smell is so nice.

Now stuff that big turkey, both ends must be filled,

Brush on melted butter, salt and pepper from the mill.

Extra butter in the pan for basting the bird,

Pop in the oven and don’t say a word.

The smells in the house portend a great feast,

The table is set, awaiting the beast,

To come out of the oven and go on display,

The browned skin proclaiming, it’s Thanksgiving Day.

Featured image Copyright Sara Snow on sarasnow.com.

Mundane Monday – Nov 21, 2016

In North Carolina, it is tough for the cattle and horses to find a square meal. I believe that the farmers got an extra cutting of their fields this year because of the warm, dry autumn. None of the livestock should be going hungry this winter.




Here is one shot in black and white just to be a little different.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week, especially those in the USA who will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday. Enjoy your family and friends.

Sunday Trees – 262

Today we recognize the continuous changeover in life, where those that have come before pass and the next generation flourishes in their stead. For there can be beauty in death as there can be in life. The featured image shows the gnarled stretching fingers of a tree that has passed its prime with new life coming from below to capture the sun.


The next photo shows a graveyard of trees on the forest floor, providing nourishment through their decay to the strong and silent youth springing up in their midst.


Here we have a former monarch resting comfortably on a bed of leaves.


Finally, we have a section of a tree long passed that is capturing a last bit of sunlight on this autumn day.


Thanks for stopping by to this week’s Sunday Trees post. If you enjoyed seeing pictures of trees, stop over to Becca Givens blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea‘ to see her entry as the sponsor of this weekly challenge. From there you can go to the comments section to find other contributors for the week.

The Magic of New Zealand

I decided, based upon a conversation with Debbie H from ‘Deb’s World‘ blog, to revisit (pun intended) some of our experiences from our trip last year to New Zealand. There was a definite air of Magic in this beautiful country.

This first image was taken from the balcony of our cabin as we cruised into Dunedin. What a magical way to start our cruise around the country.


The next three pictures were taken on our trip to see the Gannet Colonies at Cape Kidnappers near the city of Napier.




But to really capture the moment, you have to hear the wind and the bleating of the sheep. Here is a short movie that captures some of that magic.

My next post will showcase the gannet colony. That was also quite magical.