Chapter 48 –Sted’s New Billet

Sted had moved his few belongings into a small apartment in the personnel housing ring. After reporting to the Space Navy’s  Research and Development section, Sted had been assigned housing space and an office. The Navy had even pulled up his records and prepared a complete set of both regular and formal naval dress uniforms and had them delivered to his apartment. The first time he walked into the unit with Jessica and his travel bag in tow, he was more than a little surprised to find the place completely laid out. The furniture was all in place, the pantry was stocked, and the refrigerator and freezer were filled with several weeks’ worth of supplies. He even had a small office with current naval issue communication equipment.

As a ship’s captain, Sted was not used to having so much space. On a destroyer class ship, the captain’s quarters were about a quarter the size of this apartment.

“What do you want to do first?” Jessica asked. Both of them had worked the “day” shift (a holdover from planet-bound way of thinking), so they were free for the next sixteen hours. The twenty-four hour/three-shift mode of operating was still standard, even though they were far out from Earth and its twenty-four hour rotational cycle. Some human habits just seemed to have a life of their own.

“I had planned on spending time setting up the apartment, going to the commissary to stock up on supplies, and then getting some shuteye, hopefully with you by my side,” Sted replied. “Now it appears we have a little more free time. How about I put together a quick dinner for the two of us while you go out to the commissary and pick up some wine? After that, I want to spend some time with you. If it’s not too forward of me, I think we should discuss possibly moving in together.”

“Wow! You don’t mess around, Captain Richardson,” Jessica teased. “I’ll take a little extra time getting the wine while I think about your generous offer. Give me about thirty minutes. I’ll get a fresh set of clothes for tomorrow morning, too. I think we may be ‘discussing’ this offer for most of the night, and I want to appear at least somewhat fresh at the office in the morning.” She chuckled on her way out the door.

As Sted opened the pantry again to see what he might prepare on short notice, he could not keep the grin off of his face. Yes, this night had a lot of potential.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 52

I always love to participate in Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. I usually have a picture in mind, especially when I have been out taking photos and preparing for the challenge.

Today, we have a picture of a cruise ship docking pier on Cozumel, Mexico. I love the freshly painted colors contrasting against the blue-gray waters of the ocean. This picture was taken from our verandah balcony just prior to sunset.


I thought I would add another photo for context. Let me know what you think.


022414 feature banner

The Resilient Earth

The Earth as we know it is billions of years old. The mountains and oceans embody the true spirit of Resilient.

This is a photo of the southern Spanish coast right next to Gibraltar. Take in the blue water, the blue sky with beautiful white clouds, and the green mountains tinted blue with distance.


Humanity is hardly a blip on the radar compared to our celestial home.

Review: Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance by Charles E. Waugh

This is the first unbiased professional review of my science fiction novel and I couldn’t be more pleased.



I was kindly sent a free paperback copy of this book by the author Charles E. Waugh.  The Esss Advance is the first in the Nu Trilogy of books.  It’s a very interesting and promising science fiction novel, here is my review. 

Billions of years ago a conflict arose between two alien races. Now, with humanity having expanded its space travel, Earth and the Milky Way galaxy are about to become a new battleground.

‘The Esss Advance’ is the first in the ‘Nu Trilogy’ of books. It’s a science fiction novel set in our future, a future filled with advanced technology and space travel. The book starts with a prelude which is worth reading as it sets up the whole story of the conflict between two alien races long ago. After that the book focuses on one main character for a while, Sted Richardson.

The start of the book…

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Thursday Doors – Dec 29, 2016 Grand Cayman Style 2

Last week I posted the first half of my Doorscursion photos from Georgetown on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean. This week I will showcase the remaining door photos.

The featured image is of an abandoned house still in the Georgetown city limits where the front door is actually half boarded over. Who knows why this valuable piece of property still stands between office buildings and parking garages?


Just opposite the entrance in the front is the associated abandoned garage:


Next we have the Elmslie Memorial United Church. I will start with the sign in the front:


Next is the front entry:



Walking around the building I found two smaller doors of interest:



Several blocks away I found an open door to what appears to be some kind of storage or factory space:


Walking back to the waterfront, I found an interesting red entry door into the National Museum:


Apparently, the place to by Rolex watches on Grand Cayman is at Kirk Freeport. They have two different entrance doors, but all of the handles support the Rolex logo:



Let’s end this doorscursion review with another small church simply called Church of God.




Sitting on the steps in front of the church was an island man with his bicycle that I featured 8 days ago on a Wordless Wednesday post:


As always, I wish to thank Norm Frampton for hosting the weekly Thursday Door challenge. Head over to his post for this week featuring Mary Queen of the World Cathedral – Downtown Montréal (Part 1). It is a great post that is well worth your time reviewing. From there you can click on the blue frog button to see all of the many other participants in Thursday Doors.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – New Year 2

Yesterday I posted my first entry for this challenge from Frank Jansen at “Dutch goes the photo!“. That post was a tribute to the end of the current year in the form of a beautiful sunset over the Caribbean Sea which can be seen here. In that post, I promised a second post for the New Year showing a sunrise. I have three photos that I took this morning. Let me know what you think.





Tuesday Photo Challenge – New Year

I couldn’t quite get to the New Year without saying goodbye to the Old Year. This glorious sunset over the Caribbean expresses the ending of a colorful year in many ways. Perhaps next week I can find an appropriate sunrise photo for the anticipation of a New Year.


Join in on the fun over at Dutch goes the photo! Frank Jansen runs a wonderful blog and hosts this challenge every week. Just follow the link above.