What is Love?

Love is a simple word,
Four letters seldom heard.
A man made sound
That’s so profound,
Describing it is so absurd.

A gentle smile lights up the eyes,
Acceptance shown with little sighs,
A look, a fragrance,
A touch, a glance,
A simple kiss before goodbye’s.

While deep inside, you are content,
No searching now, you have what’s meant,
To be your mate,
Not just a date,
But companionship that’s heaven sent.

What is love? You need to ask?
A warmth, a glow in which you bask.
Cuddling in a soft warm bed,
Knowing all when nothing’s said.
Comfortable, happy without a mask.

So, if you know of what I speak,
You know with love you reach your peak.
When all alone you look around,
Your other half just must be found,
For love is everything you seek.

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