Birds on the Rocks

Here are some additional pictures to add to my Tuesdays of Texture post from Grand Cayman. These pictures are of a flock of birds that run around the rocks looking for food (especially food offered by humans). When one bird discovers a morsel, it picks it up and runs through the grooves in the coral rocks trying to avoid chasers.

Often times, the bird with the food would tries to escape by flying over the water. It would then invariably drop the food, which would then be immediately consumed by one of the many tarpon swimming just off of the shore.

Take a closer look at the Featured Image. There are actually two birds in the picture:


Here is an image where two birds are quite obvious:


Now let’s multiply the number considerably:


And another pose with multiples:


Here is an image of the tarpon just under the water’s surface:



7 thoughts on “Birds on the Rocks

  1. Great photos. I’ve lived on several coast more than half my life – Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. The birds, whatever species happen to live in a certain area, create a society all their own.

    Thanks for sharing.

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