Thursday Doors – December 22, 2016 Grand Cayman Style

We stopped in Georgetown, Grand Cayman on Wednesday, December 14th. I took a tender ashore for a doorscursion (and windowscursion for a later Monday Window) and got quite an eclectic variety of doors. The first set of doors were in a commercial building that appears to be prepping for future tenants.


IMG_4539 (2).JPG


Next we have some public buildings. The first is the island’s legislative building:

IMG_4542 (2).JPG

Next is an interesting clock tower with a sign that says “Erected by the people of the Cayman Islands in the memory of their beloved King George V”:


Next comes a building marked “1919 Peace Memorial”:


The Public Library:



And the Law Courts Building:


Next is the Truman Bodden Law School:


IMG_4557 (2).JPG

And the Post Office (with me reflected in the door):


I loved this next little building called the Daily Grind Cafe. What could go wrong with Bread & Chocolate?


I will save the remainder of my Grand Cayman doors for next week.

Follow this link to Norm Frampton’s blog ‘Norm 2.0’ to see some wonderful and colorful doors from Montréal’s Plateau Mont-Royal. From there you can find links to all of the weekly participants to Thursday Doors.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – December 22, 2016 Grand Cayman Style

    1. It is actually a burnt orange silk shirt that is very comfortable in hotter climates. Grand Cayman is my favorite Caribbean island. The diving is fantastic with 200 ft visibility in the water. I got my advanced scuba certification there in 1997 on a one week stay.

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