Thursday Doors – Dec 29, 2016 Grand Cayman Style 2

Last week I posted the first half of my Doorscursion photos from Georgetown on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean. This week I will showcase the remaining door photos.

The featured image is of an abandoned house still in the Georgetown city limits where the front door is actually half boarded over. Who knows why this valuable piece of property still stands between office buildings and parking garages?


Just opposite the entrance in the front is the associated abandoned garage:


Next we have the Elmslie Memorial United Church. I will start with the sign in the front:


Next is the front entry:



Walking around the building I found two smaller doors of interest:



Several blocks away I found an open door to what appears to be some kind of storage or factory space:


Walking back to the waterfront, I found an interesting red entry door into the National Museum:


Apparently, the place to by Rolex watches on Grand Cayman is at Kirk Freeport. They have two different entrance doors, but all of the handles support the Rolex logo:



Let’s end this doorscursion review with another small church simply called Church of God.




Sitting on the steps in front of the church was an island man with his bicycle that I featured 8 days ago on a Wordless Wednesday post:


As always, I wish to thank Norm Frampton for hosting the weekly Thursday Door challenge. Head over to his post for this week featuring Mary Queen of the World Cathedral – Downtown Montréal (Part 1). It is a great post that is well worth your time reviewing. From there you can click on the blue frog button to see all of the many other participants in Thursday Doors.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Dec 29, 2016 Grand Cayman Style 2

  1. Enjoyed this part 2 – and one reason that might explain why that old structure with the half boarded door is where it is – well some rich elderly person might be stubbornly hanging on to it – 😉 refusing to let it go ….

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