Tuesdays of Texture | Week 52 of 2016

I dug into my picture archives this week for a photo I knew had some great texture. The bison below was photographed in Yellowstone National Park in August of 2008. We have texture in both the fur on the animal and the grasses and trees in the foreground and background.


To show the real texture without the distraction of color, I used a filter called “Mercury” to bleed out all of the color and then enhanced the clarity. Here is the result:


Each photo has its own merits. Which do you prefer?

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Orbital Path

Chapter 5 – The Accident

The trip down to the Tranquility Base took just over two hours. During that time, Sted and Commander Olsen reviewed the list of everything that had to be accomplished aboard the Revere before they could deploy again.

Blyleven, on the other hand, sat quietly in her shuttle seat looking out the viewport and speculating on what the next two months would be like with them trying to meet clandestinely. They were going to continue the ruse that the two of them were at odds with each other, and the captain would call her into his office every so often to chastise her. That was easy for him but very difficult for her. She was the one who had to cause the disharmony on the bridge and bear the brunt of criticism from the rest of the crew. She was the one who had to act sullen and upset all the time while inside she was actually ecstatic to be in a relationship with her man. Every so often she would glance over at her two superior officers, and just seeing Sted caused her stomach to do flip-flops. She knew the next two months on the bridge of Revere would be torturous, and that made her angry.


The landing at Tranquility Field was uneventful. The three passengers donned their helmets and exited the shuttle about 300 meters from the airlock entrance to the base. On the short trek across the rough ceramacrete landing field, Olsen turned to Sted.

“That asteroid must be fairly close to the Earth/moon system already, so it also must be small enough to have gone undetected until very recently. I wonder how they intend us to alter its orbital path in such a short time span.”

Sted paused and opened the outer door to the airlock. “Do you speculate like this before all of my briefings?” He smiled. “Have just a little patience, Olsen. All will be revealed shortly.”

Sted entered first and punched in the base access code as Olsen and Blyleven entered behind him and secured the outer airlock door. They all heard the air rushing into the airlock, equalizing the pressure with the interior of the base. As they watched the gauge on the panel cycle upward, Olsen was about to ask another question when Sted gave him an annoyed look. Then all hell broke loose.

Sted saw a bright flash of light as he was thrown against the inner lock door with both Jeremy and Lorraine’s suited bodies crushing against him. The sound in the enclosed space was deafening, but it was nothing compared to the scream that Sted let out from the searing pain he felt in his lower legs and feet.

As he faded into unconsciousness, Sted caught a last image of bloodstained pieces of his two crewmates’ shattered helmets flying overhead.

Mundane Monday Challenge #90

A bar stool can be mundane, but this one is put together beautifully:


This photograph was taken at a restaurant/bar called Fogarty’s in Key West, Florida. We had a nice lunch here on our excursion around the city during our Western Caribbean cruise this month. Here is a picture of the restaurant:


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Monday Window – Dec 26, 2016

On my Thursday Doors post last week, I showcased some wonderful doors from the city of Georgetown on Grand Cayman.  Today, I want to showcase some of the windows from that same photo trip.

Windows are particularly important in the Caribbean Islands, as they need to let the breezes into the interior spaces without letting in the strong sunlight. Here are some windows designed with that in mind including shuttered windows and shaded windows from overhangs:



Now here are some regular commercial windows in the downtown area:


Here are a couple of older dwellings located just inside the commercial district that have survived (?) being overrun:


Finally, I wanted to end up supporting my female followers with some female specific windows. I hope you get a kick out of these two photos:


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Sunday Trees – 267

Winter has finally stripped all of the trees in my front yard with the exception of one holdout. There are a few species of trees which try to hold on to their brown leafy coats for the entire winter season.


The bright blue winter sky makes a wonderful background on this sunny day.

Visit ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea‘ to see Becca Givens’ Christmas tree entry for this weeks challenge (number 267! That’s 267 weeks of tree photos!).

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Mirror Images or Reflections

Here is Cee’s  Black and White Challenge for this week:

This week the topic is Mirror Images or Reflections.   As long as there is a mirror or reflection of some sort as the main focus of your photo, it fits in this challenge this week.  I just want you to have some fun with your photography.

I have chosen a reflection in a quiet pool from Mendenhall Gardens near the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska:


See more entries at Cee Neuner’s challenge page.

After further reflection (pun intended) I decided to display the entire photo of this quiet pool in full color and enhanced with the photo app installed on Windows 10 on my Microsoft Surface. You can see the part I cropped to make the B&W reflection photo for this challenge.



Thursday Doors – December 22, 2016 Grand Cayman Style

We stopped in Georgetown, Grand Cayman on Wednesday, December 14th. I took a tender ashore for a doorscursion (and windowscursion for a later Monday Window) and got quite an eclectic variety of doors. The first set of doors were in a commercial building that appears to be prepping for future tenants.


IMG_4539 (2).JPG


Next we have some public buildings. The first is the island’s legislative building:

IMG_4542 (2).JPG

Next is an interesting clock tower with a sign that says “Erected by the people of the Cayman Islands in the memory of their beloved King George V”:


Next comes a building marked “1919 Peace Memorial”:


The Public Library:



And the Law Courts Building:


Next is the Truman Bodden Law School:


IMG_4557 (2).JPG

And the Post Office (with me reflected in the door):


I loved this next little building called the Daily Grind Cafe. What could go wrong with Bread & Chocolate?


I will save the remainder of my Grand Cayman doors for next week.

Follow this link to Norm Frampton’s blog ‘Norm 2.0’ to see some wonderful and colorful doors from Montréal’s Plateau Mont-Royal. From there you can find links to all of the weekly participants to Thursday Doors.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – Dec 21, 2016

The “little engines that could” on the Panama Canal. The tracks alongside the locks allow these little engines to pull ships from one lock to the next. They can operate in either direction. The picture was taken from our veranda balcony. You can see the railing from the deck below ours at the bottom of the photo.


Here is a second photo with a different perspective. You can also see the turntable where the engines can move from one channel to the other.


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