Sunday Trees – 268 – Cozumel

I thought I would start with an unusual tree, shaped into a rectangular solid. All of the trees in this post were taken in the port of Cozumel from our recent cruise.


The cruise was from December 11th through the 18th, so we were in the midst of the Christmas season. Notice the fake Christmas tree in the background to the creche scene.


Here is a closeup of that Christmas tree:


The more natural trees for the region are palm trees. Here are a couple of examples:


Behind the two Christmas diorama’s is a small garden with some lovely little trees just getting started:


Come join the fun at Becca’s site ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea‘ where you can check out her 268th consecutive weekly tree post. Then browse through the comments section to find links to all of this week’s Sunday Trees entries.


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