Snowed in Birthday

This is just for my blogging buddies. My wife and I have been cooped up in our house for the last couple of weeks recovering from a nasty virus that we probably picked up on our Western Caribbean cruise. We have been house bound for quite a while, and now we are snowed in here in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Well, we will break the cycle a little bit today because it is my birthday. It has become an annual tradition that my wife, Alice, makes homemade lasagna with her famous Italian red sauce (this time cooked with the rib bones from our Christmas prime rib dinner.

Today’s photo is from a Dirty Santa Christmas Party we held for some of our neighbors a couple of days before Christmas and is now Alice’s profile picture on Facebook.


Hopefully, I will be feeling better in the next week or two and can get back to my normal blogging activities. I will also be resuming work on my second book in The Nu Trilogy. The story has been written but needs a great deal of work filling in the details beyond the basic plot line. Those details are what give the book its real flavor and color. I am hoping to complete the manuscript for editing by the end of March.

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope you all make great progress this year towards your goals and aspirations. I’m here to cheer you on your journey.

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