Thursday Doors – Jan 12, 2017

I found many interesting doors in Key West, Florida on our recent cruise. The variety of ages, sizes and styles is amazing. I chose the Shipwreck Treasures Museum for the Featured Image because of the character of the weathered wood.



For a little flavor, I am throwing in a picture of one of the many roosters running around on the cobblestone streets.


The reason for this flavor should be apparent with this next door:


The fowl are allowed to run free on the streets and are protected.

Here are a couple of doors from the same area of the city:





And this third door to the playhouse which I’m sure is not used very often:


I have so many more doors from this trip, that I think I will do a Part II for next week. Perhaps I will have to even turn this into a three part story.

Thursday Doors is a weekly challenge sponsored by Norm Frampton on his blog ‘Norm 2.0‘. Stop over to see Norm’s wonderful graffiti doors this week, along with all of the other many participants.

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