Thursday Doors – January 19, 2017

We are returning to Key West, Florida for our second weekly door post. I want to concentrate on historically significant buildings this week. I will start with the doors of ‘Old City Hall’. First I want you to see the historical plaque for this building to get a sense of its history:


The doors in the featured image from this building originally housed the city’s fire engines.


The front of the building also has a beautiful set of doors and houses the Visitor Center and the Chamber of Commerce:



Next we have the Audubon House. Here I will also display the historical plaque.


If you look through the doors, you can see the internal courtyard.



Finally, I give you the Key West Womans Club and the Hellings House Museum. I will not comment on the juxtaposition of these two names.


Next week, I will show all of the remaining door photos from our Key West Visit.

Be sure to visit Norm Frampton’s blog entry for this week’s Thursday Doors. From there you can navigate to all of the other posts for the week.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – January 19, 2017

      1. I didn’t participate Monday Window this week. Maybe next week! I like all of your doors. When we were in Boston, I should have taken some door photos. Some home were built in 1600s, and they post the year built somewhere in the front porch. City signs also has “since (1692),” something like that.

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