Proud to be an American

Nowhere else in the world has the peaceful transition of power, every four years, been uninterrupted by strife. America is a beacon of freedom for the world. I have high hopes for our new president, Donald J. Trump, and the United States of America.

Lee Greenwood expresses this best with his song “God Bless the USA”. Take just a minute to listen to this Utube rendition:

5 thoughts on “Proud to be an American

  1. U guys should be so thankful…I have seen the worst transition of power in my country,it was bad.people killing each other just because of power transition… Y’all are blessed!

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    1. We have been a beacon to the people of the world as a land of freedom and opportunity. I have worked hard all of my life and now I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. I am truly blessed. Thank you for sharing your true life experience that confirms my feeling so blessed.

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  2. Dear Charles
    And you have every right to be proud of America, as we all should of our nations (and regions).
    Now comes the great responsibility to make this result work for the good of everyone. Now comes the hard work, and the hardest part if to convince folk by reasoned argument and discussion why you believe this to be so.
    And yes, that is very hard work. You make not reach agreement but if you can reach accommodation then that is a victory.
    I know from my own personal and career experience what an uphill battle that can be, particularly when you are dealing with those openly hostile to you.
    Best wishes to you all on both sides of the proverbial coin.

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