Devastation – A Taste of Nu Book 2

Chapter 15 – The Newsies

Two months of smoldering panic had gripped the human population of the world. The special edition of the New York Rag had sold out three successive printings over a two-day period. The television news media in the North American Union had no choice but to break with their government handlers and release pictures of the devastation caused by the alien retaliatory strikes in the Peoples Republic of China. Once the cat was out of the bag, what was the point of the government trying to control the news?

Just one week after the strike on China, Richard Collins, with the help of ‘The Insider’, had once more scooped the competition by breaking the story of the replacement of the Babuyan Islands pyramid. Along with this story, the blogger also provided naval intelligence estimates of the impact of the six active pyramids on the world’s oceans. The outlook was grim. The fouling slick was killing plankton, fish, and bird life in an ever-spreading path of destruction.

So, what was humanity doing to fight these alien oppressors? That was the big question being asked by all the political pundits on the 24-hour news channels. So far, it was a question without answers, and the heat was being turned up by governments all around the world on the Council of Eight to provide guidance or hope or both.

Today’s headline read ‘Japanese Food Panic’. The fishing industry in Japan was pulling in less than sixty percent of their normal supply of seafood. That seafood made up a considerable part of the diet of the Japanese population, and this kind of reduction in the supply had many people going hungry. This was the first step in the breakdown of civilized society, because hungry people became angry and lawless people. Those with food stockpiled were being raided by mobs of hungry adults trying to find food for their children, and who could blame them?  The natural law of survival of the fittest was rearing its ugly head and people around the world were scared.


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