Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned

This weeks photo challenge from Frank Jansen at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘ is the word ‘abandoned’. In my neighborhood in North Carolina, USA, there are many abandoned barns and other farm related buildings. However, I selected what appears to be some kind of abandoned retail store at the intersection of two streets. I say this because of the shape of the building and what appears to be an overgrown sign on the roof.


I bled all of the color out of the photo to give it a classic old time photo look. Then I used a sepia type filter to see how that impacted the abandoned look. I would be curious to know your thoughts on which photo appears to depict ‘abandoned’ in a better light (pun intended).


21 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned

    1. You are quite welcome. I am using Windows 10 photo editor on my Microsoft Surface tablet so I only use a limited set of editing functionality. Which did you prefer, the B&W or the sepia photo?


  1. Hi Charles, I like sepia, the rustic look. I have an older Sony that has the function to take photos with that look. I had an option of download Window 10, but was discouraged to do so by a couple guys. I bought the laptop with built-in window 8, I was encouraged to pay to have it converted to window 7. So I still have window 7. I haven’t tried the photo edit yet. I’m thinking of getting photoshop. I have it for lower version of window. Since I have a new laptop, I need to get new version of almost everything such as Quicken… sorry, off the topic of photos.. Anyway. Very good photo for the challenge. Miriam

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      1. I asked Frank what he uses for the fancy fling angel. He said he uses photoshop. I haven’t bought it yet. For any art work Apple is better. When I worked in school, we had Apple, probably Steve Jobs has a good deal for schools. Now they have both Apple and PC. I always have PC at home.

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