Tuesday Photo Challenge – Land

I live in rural North Carolina, north of the city of Greensboro. This is farming country. With that in mind, I want to showcase a few photos of the local farmland for this Tuesday Photo Challenge from Frank Jansen at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!’

The featured image is of a fallow field taken on August 20th of this year.


I went back three months later on November 20th to the same field and captured what the farmer did with all of the wild grasses and weeds:


These round bales of hay are still in the field, unmoved. I think perhaps the farm produced an overabundance of hay bales.

Next I want to showcase some local corn fields:




My understanding is that this is corn grown to feed chickens. Sometimes these same fields are planted with tobacco and sometimes with soybeans.

As the population in our area expands, many of these fields will become housing developments. Life marches forward without much help from us.

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