Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned

This weeks photo challenge from Frank Jansen at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘ is the word ‘abandoned’. In my neighborhood in North Carolina, USA, there are many abandoned barns and other farm related buildings. However, I selected what appears to be some kind of abandoned retail store at the intersection of two streets. I say this because of the shape of the building and what appears to be an overgrown sign on the roof.


I bled all of the color out of the photo to give it a classic old time photo look. Then I used a sepia type filter to see how that impacted the abandoned look. I would be curious to know your thoughts on which photo appears to depict ‘abandoned’ in a better light (pun intended).


Tuesdays of Texture | Week 4 of 2017

This week I want to return to Cadiz, Spain. This picture is from the Gonzalez Byass winery, maker of the Tio Pepe brand of world famous sherries and wines.

The original owner’s wine tasting room has been preserved in its original state, and that should be perfectly obvious from this collection of old wine bottles.


A century of dust has collected on these bottles and has turned the smooth glass surfaces into a splendid display of texture.

Here is a second picture from that room to add some context, and of course, some more texture:


Please join the fun over at Narami’s blog ‘DE MONTE Y MAR‘. If you would like to see more of our cruise stop at Cadiz, come over to my blog post Spanish Cruise – Day 6 – Cadiz.

Devastation – A Taste of Nu Book 2

Chapter 15 – The Newsies

Two months of smoldering panic had gripped the human population of the world. The special edition of the New York Rag had sold out three successive printings over a two-day period. The television news media in the North American Union had no choice but to break with their government handlers and release pictures of the devastation caused by the alien retaliatory strikes in the Peoples Republic of China. Once the cat was out of the bag, what was the point of the government trying to control the news?

Just one week after the strike on China, Richard Collins, with the help of ‘The Insider’, had once more scooped the competition by breaking the story of the replacement of the Babuyan Islands pyramid. Along with this story, the blogger also provided naval intelligence estimates of the impact of the six active pyramids on the world’s oceans. The outlook was grim. The fouling slick was killing plankton, fish, and bird life in an ever-spreading path of destruction.

So, what was humanity doing to fight these alien oppressors? That was the big question being asked by all the political pundits on the 24-hour news channels. So far, it was a question without answers, and the heat was being turned up by governments all around the world on the Council of Eight to provide guidance or hope or both.

Today’s headline read ‘Japanese Food Panic’. The fishing industry in Japan was pulling in less than sixty percent of their normal supply of seafood. That seafood made up a considerable part of the diet of the Japanese population, and this kind of reduction in the supply had many people going hungry. This was the first step in the breakdown of civilized society, because hungry people became angry and lawless people. Those with food stockpiled were being raided by mobs of hungry adults trying to find food for their children, and who could blame them?  The natural law of survival of the fittest was rearing its ugly head and people around the world were scared.


Sunday Trees – 271

Four days ago we had a beautiful and sunny Wednesday morning. The sun was shining through the trees in the yard and begging me to come out and take a few photos. Always heed the call when it comes over you.

I really love the color of our Coral Bark Japanese Maple tree and the way the color contrasts with the tan colored bricks of our house. I played with the focus on my featured image for this closeup so that the branches in front were out of focus along with the bricks in the background, leaving only a very narrow depth of field near the center of the tree.


Here is a shot from a different angle with more of the tree included:


Being the middle of our winter season, most of our trees are bare of their leaves. I loved the beautiful blue sky showing through the empty branches:


And finally, a tree seen as a shadow on our front lawn.


Let me know what you think of my little photography experiments.

Also, head on over to Becca Givens Sunday Tree blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea‘ to see Becca’s post for this week. Then scroll down to the comments to see all of the many other Sunday tree entries.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Proud to be an American

Nowhere else in the world has the peaceful transition of power, every four years, been uninterrupted by strife. America is a beacon of freedom for the world. I have high hopes for our new president, Donald J. Trump, and the United States of America.

Lee Greenwood expresses this best with his song “God Bless the USA”. Take just a minute to listen to this Utube rendition:

Thursday Doors – January 19, 2017

We are returning to Key West, Florida for our second weekly door post. I want to concentrate on historically significant buildings this week. I will start with the doors of ‘Old City Hall’. First I want you to see the historical plaque for this building to get a sense of its history:


The doors in the featured image from this building originally housed the city’s fire engines.


The front of the building also has a beautiful set of doors and houses the Visitor Center and the Chamber of Commerce:



Next we have the Audubon House. Here I will also display the historical plaque.


If you look through the doors, you can see the internal courtyard.



Finally, I give you the Key West Womans Club and the Hellings House Museum. I will not comment on the juxtaposition of these two names.


Next week, I will show all of the remaining door photos from our Key West Visit.

Be sure to visit Norm Frampton’s blog entry for this week’s Thursday Doors. From there you can navigate to all of the other posts for the week.


Daily Prompt: Invitation

The Invitation

Even though it’s formal,
Love is at its heart.
Anything but normal,
A journey at its start.

Friends will gather near,
Family in the fore.
The bride will then appear,
Her beauty all adore.

Wedding vows recited,
As eyes are locked in love.
The couple so excited,
With blessings from above.

So join the bride and groom,
Becoming man and wife.
Accept the invitation,
To celebrate their life.