Back in Two Weeks

We are going for our initial voyage on Holland America’s newest ship, the ms Koningsdam. We will be back in a little over two weeks. I hope to have some great posts with pictures from each of our stops in the eastern and southern Caribbean. That will include posts for some of my regular challenges of Sunday Trees, Monday Window, and Thursday Doors.

In the meantime, follow the link above to get an idea of what we are about to experience with a cool video presentation on this new ship.

Sunday Trees – 276

Spring has come a wee bit early to North Carolina. I thought everyone in the northern climes might be cheered up with some early signs of spring.

Look for the red buds on these trees on one of our many local golf courses.


Here are some trees blooming at one of our local churches:


And finally, my featured image of the trees that line the driveway into one of our local farms:



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As Fresh As Thyme…

Here is one smart lady with no thyme on her hands. But she enjoys the time.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Cooking, Mashed Potatoes, Photography

In auto mode, I quickly tossed ingredients into the bubbling sauce, rehashed a passage for my book in my head while trying to pay attention to the cacophony of my children’s voices milling around me in the kitchen.

They had just returned from school, each voice was relaying some information, each child wanted some form of attention and as usual, my three ears was listening to them, responding to their inquisition, addressing the accusation from my third child that I wasn’t paying him enough attention, stirring the saucepan, figuring out my passage and reminding myself respond to that request that had just popped into my mind as a reminder…and the crazy beat went on.

Why I haven’t gone batty is a question I ponder fleetingly. When will the hecticness stop, if ever?

My bubbly sauce was almost done, all that remained was to toss in the shredded fresh thyme and…

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

That is me in the middle. The middle son (circa early 1950’s).


Those are not Tommy Hilfiger stripes on the shirts. The shirts were probably on sale at Montgomery Ward’s children’s department. Sorry if I am dating myself, but those were good times. If you were good, you got your one bicycle at Christmas when you were 9 or 10 years old and you made it last until you learned to drive your family car (singular, not plural).


Remember the old red Coca Cola signs? Remember getting good ice cream at the local Howard Johnson’s restaurant? Probably not, because most of you were not yet born.


(Picture Credit: Brighton Allston Historical Society at

Growing up, we had one rotary dial phone in the house that was a party line with one or more of our neighbors. Our phone number was HE6-0997. HE stood for Hemlock. There were no area codes at that time.



There was no such thing as a ‘play date’. Our mother told us to go play outside. We didn’t come home until my father whistled us home for dinner. There was always something to do, some place to explore, some trouble to find. That is when our bicycles came in handy.

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Tuesdays of Texture | Week 7 of 2017

We had an 80 degree day on February 12th in our area of North Carolina so we decided to go to the North Carolina Zoo:


It is the larges zoo in the USA when measured by acreage and has two sections: North America; and Africa. It being the middle of winter, we decided that most of the African exhibits would be closed, so we visited the North America section this time.

Here are just a couple of my photos with some great texture.







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