Monday Window – Martinique

On our Caribbean cruise, we made a stop at the beautiful island of Martinique. My wife and I chose to do a photo excursion of the city of Fort-de-France. I captured many beautiful buildings with their wonderful windows.

IMG_5225 (2)

IMG_5226 (2)

IMG_5227 (2).JPG

IMG_5229 (2)

IMG_5232 (2).JPG

Now for this beautiful cathedral captured in reflection:

IMG_5233 (2)

IMG_5234 (2)

IMG_5236 (3)

Here are some paintings of windows:

IMG_5240 (2)

IMG_5244 (2)

The same building from directly in front:

IMG_5247 (2)

IMG_5245 (2)

IMG_5248 (2)

IMG_5249 (2)

IMG_5255 (2)

IMG_5256 (2)

IMG_5257 (2)

IMG_5260 (2)

IMG_5268 (2)

IMG_5280 (2).JPG

This picture was taken from the back deck of our cruise ship ms Koningsdam.

IMG_5292 (2)

And here is a picture of the back of the Koningsdam from the port. There are also many beautiful windows on the ship:

IMG_5266 (2)

I hope you enjoyed the windows of Martinique. Which is your favorite?


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