Thursday Doors – April 20, 2017

Doors of Old San Juan

Today I have a treasure trove of pictures from the streets of Old San Juan. This city has some of the most beautiful cobblestone streets and brightly painted buildings to be found anywhere in the world. I selected the Featured Image because the door-within-a-door aspect seemed appropriate.

IMG_5380 (2)

My wife and I have been to Puerto Rico several times in the past, so we decided to avoid any excursions offered by Holland America and just do a door, window, tree, and general photo excursion. I will present the doors in the order that they were taken on our walk.

IMG_5302 (2)

IMG_5305 (2)

IMG_5312 (2)

IMG_5316 (2)

IMG_5317 (2)

IMG_5320 (2)

IMG_5321 (2)

IMG_5339 (2)

IMG_5340 (2)

IMG_5344 (2)

IMG_5346 (2)

IMG_5347 (2)

IMG_5350 (2)

IMG_5363 (2)

IMG_5368 (2)

IMG_5370 (2)

IMG_5371 (2)

IMG_5372 (2)

IMG_5374 (2)

IMG_5382 (2)

IMG_5386 (2)

IMG_5389 (2)

IMG_5394 (2)

IMG_5396 (2)

IMG_5399 (2)

IMG_5400 (2)

IMG_5409 (3)

We stopped at the Parrot Club on the recommendations of friends. We had a wonderful appetizer and their signature drink, the Passion Parrot. I had to include a photo of the drinks. They were fantastic:

IMG_5414 (2)

Here are two former doors that are now downtown art.

IMG_5416 (2)

IMG_5417 (2)

I will end this doorscursion with a typical downtown building with a beautiful street lamp in the right foreground.

IMG_5418 (2)

To join the fun, hop over to Norm Frampton’s blog Norm 2.0. Then follow the blue frog at the end of his post about the doors in the Bank of Montreal to see all of the many other wonderful entries in this weekly challenge.

25 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – April 20, 2017

    1. Thanks, Helen. It was a photographer’s paradise. I have so many more photos to share over the next few months. I have some great ‘Monday Window’ shots and some ‘Sunday Trees’ as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. So many fun bright colors – looks like you had a great time with this place.
    I love all the nice touches like the balcony railings too.
    Wonderful post Charles – I look forward to seeing more from this trip 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG the colours are spectacular, and each door is intriguing and special in it’s own way. I’d be hard pressed to choose any in particular because they are all just beautiful different unique but beautiful. What a treasure trove.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, too right! You earned it, you should use it. If I had scads of cash, I’d be using it. I love my kids to death, but the money should in my opinion be used for the enhancement and enjoyment of “my” life. I wouldn’t feel guilty on that score tbh. I see too many suffer throughout their life, and leave all their worldly goods to kids who don’t appreciate it and squander it. Not saying your kids would, but that’s how I personally feel about it. Life is for living. You get one chance, make it good! Make it the best it can be. It’s short enough as is. Good health and traveling and enjoying the world comes to an end all too soon as I see it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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