Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – June 30, 2017

I want to continue documenting our trip to Chatham, Massachusetts. I took this photo specifically for the CWW challenge. It is amazing what you find when you explore new places with known challenges in mind. This picture was taken from Queen Ann Rd just before Pond Street branches to the right.

IMG_5542 (2)

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Thursday Doors – June 29, 2017

Two Churches in Chatham, Massachusetts

My wife and I attended a wonderful wedding in Chatham, Massachusetts last weekend. While there, we went on a photo excursion that, of course, included some wonderful doors. For this week I will post a few pictures of two of the churches in town.

The first church is Saint Christopher’s Episcopal church.

IMG_5568 (2)

IMG_5569 (2)

IMG_5567 (2)

The second church on main street is the First Congregational Church organized on 1720.

IMG_5554 (2)

IMG_5556 (2)

IMG_5555 (2)

IMG_5557 (2)

There were two smaller and less interesting side doors, but they must be included to complete the series:

IMG_5558 (2)

IMG_5562 (2)


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Tuesdays of Texture | Week 26 of 2017

We spent a long weekend in Chatham, Massachusetts (located in the southeastern part of Cape Cod). While there, my wife and I took a long photo excursion walk in this beautiful historic town. The featured image is from one of the many historical buildings in the town. You can see the beautiful gray cedar shingles used for siding, along with the 300th anniversary placard.

Here is the front of the cottage with its beautiful blue door:

IMG_5551 (2)

Right across the street from this cottage is a tree over looking the bay. The back side of the tree was covered with a mustard color moss. This also has some beautiful texture:

IMG_5540 (2)


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Tuesdays of Texture | Week 25 of 2017

We went out with friends to the Elks Club on Saturday night for a Shrimp Fest dinner. We had a wonderful dinner at a poolside table.  Just off of the pool deck was this raised platform with a picnic table in the middle. The railing around the table was a very thick rope that looked like a huge boa constrictor snake. I love the texture differences between the wood, the rope, the plants, the brick and the old rusted chain.

IMG_0715 (2)

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Oh, My Father


Oh, my father
Wish you were here
Ready to listen
Now so much is clear.

You led by example
Without ever knowing
The impact you made
While we were still growing.

You never let on
The turmoil inside
The anguish you felt
Always fighting the tide.

Life never was easy
You worked ever so hard
Without recognition
With little reward.

So much I have learned
In the years since you died
All life’s little lessons
That you bottled inside.

You got up every morning
With one thing in mind
To provide for your family
Despite hardships you’d find.

You never let on
How life ground you down
You just carried on
With a smile, not a frown.

I wish I could tell you
How much you are loved
But maybe you know it
From so far above.

The image of this 1940 Buick is almost identical to the car my father used to teach me how to drive. The image is from www.hemmings.com. You can follow the link to find out more information about the picture.