Thursday Doors – June 29, 2017

Two Churches in Chatham, Massachusetts

My wife and I attended a wonderful wedding in Chatham, Massachusetts last weekend. While there, we went on a photo excursion that, of course, included some wonderful doors. For this week I will post a few pictures of two of the churches in town.

The first church is Saint Christopher’s Episcopal church.

IMG_5568 (2)

IMG_5569 (2)

IMG_5567 (2)

The second church on main street is the First Congregational Church organized on 1720.

IMG_5554 (2)

IMG_5556 (2)

IMG_5555 (2)

IMG_5557 (2)

There were two smaller and less interesting side doors, but they must be included to complete the series:

IMG_5558 (2)

IMG_5562 (2)


Stop over the Norm Frampton’s blog called ‘Norm 2.0’ and see his entry Le Chemin du Roy (The Kings Road), Berthierville Section

Then follow the blue link to other great Thursday Door entries.


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