Tuesdays of Texture | Week 30 of 2017

Bello Giorno was the venue for the wedding that I photographed on July 7th – July 9th in Belvidere, NJ. I took this picture of a paving stone in the garden where outdoor weddings are held.

IMG_5942 (2)

In that same garden is a statue that I found interesting. I photographed it in Black and White to bring out the textures:

IMG_5941 (2)

In the back of the garden is the ‘Cottage’ where the bridal party gets dressed for the wedding:

IMG_5943 (2)

Of course, I had Tuesdays of Texture in mind when I took these photos.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Woods

Here is a swollen, flooding river being swallowed by a dense woods. The picture was taken in North West New Jersey the day after a heavy rainfall.

IMG_5797 (2)

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Thursday Doors – July 20, 2017

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature hosted by Norm Frampton on his blog ‘Norm 2.0’. This week he features Le Chemin du Roy (The King’s Road), Ste-Anne de la Pérade Church. Follow the link for one of Norm’s wonderful posts.

This week, I want to feature some of the lovely doors from Chatham, Massachusetts at the south east corner of Cape Cod. My wife and I did a ‘walkabout’ while there for a wedding a few weeks ago, so I had a great chance to capture some wonderful doors.

This featured image is a lovely blue door on one of the older buildings in this colonial town. I featured this door on a post for Tuesdays of Texture along with the plaque affixed to the house next to the door.

IMG_5551 (2)


Right next to this quaint little cottage is a wonderful garage with two lovely doors:


Here are several other doors captured during this doorscursion:









Finally, I just had to post the front of a small house on one of the side streets in the town. Perhaps you can guess why.



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs

Point House was the venue for the wedding we attended on Cape Code two weeks ago. The use of a rudder shaped sign for the name of the house was very appropriate to the setting.

IMG_5631 (2)

While walking around the downtown area of the Chatham, we saw a wonderful sign for ‘Canterbury Leather’. Here it is in B&W:

IMG_5573 (2)

Now take a look at the color of the leather vest:

IMG_5573 (3)

This picture is for you, Helen.


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – History

This featured image represents one of the most historical trips my wife and I have experienced. We were on a Mediterranean cruise in May of 2001, and every stop was steeped in history. Our stop in Ephesus, Turkey was one of the highlights of the cruise. At that time, about one square mile of the city had been excavated, and everywhere we looked was wondrous. This particular picture is of the library in Ephesus.


However, this being the 4th of July, I thought I should include some American history. This next picture is from the siege at Vicksburg, Mississippi during the American Civil War.

Texas Trip 003A

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