Cruise Day 3 – Dragor, Denmark

On Day 3 of our Baltic cruise we woke up in Copenhagen. My wife and I had visited this beautiful city in 2010 on our Fjords and Highlands cruise, so we planned a different type of excursion. About 10 miles directly south of Copenhagen is the quaint and historical fishing village of Dragor. The old section of town surrounds the harbor with many historical buildings crouching over narrow cobblestone streets.

IMG_6469 (2)

IMG_6466 (2)

Most of the houses are a yellow color and have thatched roofs that are 8-10 inches thick.

IMG_6465 (2)

Other buildings have traditional red clay tile roofs that have been weathering this seaside environment for centuries.



Here is a picture of the watch tower in the harbor where I believe the the villagers watched for the return of the fishing fleet:


We had a pleasant stop at the Dragor Strand Hotel for a wonderful mid-morning coffee and danish.

IMG_6461 (2)

IMG_6470 (2)

Believe me when I tell you that the apple filled danish pastry was the best I have ever tasted.

This was followed by some free time for wandering the streets and doing a bit of shopping. Here are some photos of this beautiful village:

IMG_6467 (2)

IMG_6468 (2)

IMG_6464 (2)

IMG_6472 (2)

Then we went back to the harbor where I wandered around snapping pictures:

IMG_6476 (2)

IMG_6482 (2)

IMG_6463 (2)

I also got a few pictures of the famous boat Elisabeth K571. This boat was part of the Dragor Museum. It was used to evacuate the Jews of Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation.



Before boarding the bus back to the ship, I took one last picturesque photo of the Dragor Badehotel off to the side of the village.





11 thoughts on “Cruise Day 3 – Dragor, Denmark

  1. Regardless, they were so beautiful! I loved the roof top shots, the tiles, the interesting uniformity but the boats were so beautiful. You have a photographic knack, Charles. Completely wonderful to see. Thank you so much for sharing these.

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