Thursday Doors – October 12, 2017 – Hermitage Museum

St. Petersburg, Russia.

The featured image shows a beautiful open door with an inviting room behind. The walls and the floors are rather exceptional as well.


There are so many rooms of treasure in this museum, that there are almost endless doors to photograph. I only snapped eight of these doors for this post.


Here we have a door just beyond the door.






If you look closely, you will see the door into the main reception hall at the head of the stairway. That door is almost 20 feet high, based in the size of the people in front of it.


Thursday Doors is a weekly challenge sponsored by Norm Frampton on his blog Norm 2.0. Follow the link to see many other doors from around the world.


15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – October 12, 2017 – Hermitage Museum

  1. Very nice! I only captured the fourth one when I was there two years ago. I guess I didn’t really look carefully at most of the doors. But you can’t blame me – the Hermitage itself is an overwhelming experience!

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  2. It says much for the majesty and awe these command that they survived a revolution and doctrinaire modernist state.
    Thank you for the images Charles

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