A New Malapropism – Porkagees

Have you ever been with friends when someone says something so out of place that everyone starts laughing uncontrollably? This happened last night when my wife and I were playing Canasta with another couple from the neighborhood.

I have no idea how the topic was broached, but our friend got a little tongue tied trying to say Portuguese an came out with Porkagees. Try saying this word three or four times and then try to say Portuguese. You tongue gets all messed up and can’t seem to find the right order of the syllables.

After the first paroxysms of laughter subsided, we all started chipping in on the true meaning of our new word.

Porkagees – (Read it as Pork and Cheese) – A new form of Mac and Cheese with crumbled bacon on top.

Porkagees – A person from Porkagul.

Porkagees – A meat and cheese market in Lisbon.

Porkagees Man o’ War – A man from Porkagul riding on the back of wild pig while charging at the enemy.

Every time anyone had a new definition, we would all start laughing hysterically again. You really had to be there to appreciate it.

I hope I did not offend anyone of Portuguese descent. No disparagement was intended.

Featured image is copyrighted by ‘The Weary Chef”.


4 thoughts on “A New Malapropism – Porkagees

  1. I concur 🙂 Have been in that situation on numerous occasions and it is always hilarious. A friend and I did the same until my stomach hurt from laughter and through tears of laughter I was literally crying out, stop stop, my stomach hurts, oh my face hurts, oh my stomach hurts …. stop making me laugh and none of us could stop.

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