Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red

I have a short collection of fun photos for this challenge. The first two are from The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. Enjoy the pomp and color of the throne used by the Czars.



Also in St. Petersburg, we saw these two fun plastic statues on the floating restaurant where we had lunch:



On this same trip, we stopped in Helsinki, Finland and I had to take a photo of this fun Santa:


And finally, from the Falkland Islands, a wonderful red telephone booth:


Imagine Superman changing in this booth, or perhaps having it used by Dr. Who. Whatever you imagine, it has to be fun with this bright red color.

Join the CFFC challenge or just take a peek at the other great entries by following the link provided.




13 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red

      1. We’re so used to them.
        Back in the 1950s they had this ‘smell’ of stale cigarette smoke- there was a little ash-tray installed and ‘unwashedness’; no one ever cleaned the phones of course.
        And naturally I feel nostalgic for them.
        Majestic photo of the inside

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      1. You’ve inspired me to put together a post on this wonderful topic of RED. I hadn’t noticed it as we’ve just come back from Barcelona and I’m out of sync. I think I’ll dedicate my post to you.😉

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      2. I hope to be leaving tomorrow for a two week cruise from Amsterdam to Rome. I’ll be looking for some new red subjects. That assumes we can escape from the clutches of hurricane Florence.

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