Weekly Photo Challenge: The Color Red

Luray, Virginia

This is my first entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Traveling at Wits End blog. I was drawn in by a post from the sonofabeach96 blog. Since red is my favorite color, I thought I would share three photos from a recent trip to the Shenandoah Valley. We stayed at th wonderful Piney Hill Bed & Breakfast, and these photo are from their property.


Here is that same bush in two closeup photos.


This one is an “all-red” photo.


Follow any of the links provided, included from the B&B. If you are ever in the area, I would recommend you  give Piney Hill a try.

Photo for the Week – 18 – Boats

Dragor, Denmark

The cloudy day seems to make the colors pop a little more. You don’t have the distraction of a blue sky with puffy white clouds distracting your attention. It also makes the masts on the sailboats stand out against the horizon.

IMG_6459 (2)

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Saturday Frost

I looked out my dining room window this morning to discover a magical coating of frost on my lawn and shrubs. The sparkles in the sunshine were beautiful. Here are seven photos that try to capture that magic.







The final photo captures an area of the lawn in the sunlight where the frost has melted but still lingers in the shadows of my trees. If you look closely, you can see my neighbor out for a morning jog with his dog.



Tuesday Photo Challenge – Comfort

I decided to go personal with this challenge. Newborn grandchildren are very special. When you wrap them in a soft blanket and hold them in your arms, you have comfort for both yourself and the baby.  This picture is from 2003. My granddaughter just made her confirmation less than two weeks ago.

Babypics 016

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