Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Inspiration

In Old San Juan, PR, I sat down in the pew of the Basílica de San Juan Bautista. I have visited this cathedral on several occasions and was looking for some inspiration for different photo opportunities. I noticed the polished floor in the main aisle and just placed my camera on the floor and snapped a picture. The result is modestly interesting but not earth shattering. Sometimes you just need to think outside of your normal mode.

The reflection of the stained glass window in the floor, while out of focus, still catches the eye.

Hopefully, this new photo challenge will provide an opportunity to showcase some wonderful photos and ideas. Many thanks to Snow and Amanda for taking on this task. You can find other entries by following this link “The Snow Melts Somewhere“.

5 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. Thanks Charles for your entry! I really do like this photo! I like how the reflection isn’t sharp, though it’s what catches the eye, like you said. I also like the perspective – I get a comforting feeling like I’m a child looking at the world from floor level. I also like how the pattern on the floor mixes with the pews.
    I hope you’ll showcase more of your photos – next time on Amanda’s blog and then mine again! 🙂

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