Tuesday Photo Challenge – Comfort

I decided to go personal with this challenge. Newborn grandchildren are very special. When you wrap them in a soft blanket and hold them in your arms, you have comfort for both yourself and the baby.  This picture is from 2003. My granddaughter just made her confirmation less than two weeks ago.

Babypics 016

Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly feature sponsored by Frank Jansen Photography on his blog ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘ Follow the link to see other entries for this week.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Play With

I love digging through my archived photos to meet this weekly challenge sponsored by the ever prolific Cee. Today I found a photo from Christmas of 2014 where our twin granddaughters were opening and spreading out all of their presents on the floor. What a plethora of colors were staged on a beautiful oak floor.

Christmas 2014 012

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Share Your World – August 20, 2018

Share Your World is a weekly challenge hosted by Cee Neuner on her blog Cee’s Photography. You can follow the link above to see her answers to this week’s questions.

Here are this weeks questions:

Which tastes better: black or green olives?

Definitely green olives, especially in a Beefeater Gin martini.

What’s your favorite room in your home?

Our beautiful living room with its 16 foot high ceilings and south facing windows.

What fictional family would you be a member of?

The Atreides family from the novel Dune.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?;

This is a very easy question this week. It was our 25th Wedding Anniversary on August 14th. We couldn’t be happier, as our life gets better every year.

25th Anniversary – Aug 14, 2018

My wife Alice and I have been married for 25 years today. The theme for our wedding was ‘A Whole New World’ from the Disney movie Aladdin. How appropriate. We have been all over the world and all over the United States together. The travel continues this September with a European cruise from Amsterdam to Rome.

I selected two photos for this post. The first is at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.


The second is from Badlands National Park in South Dakota.


It is hard to believe, but life gets better with every year.

Share Your World – July 23, 2018

Her are the SYW questions of the week:

In regards to puzzle what’s your choice: jigsaw, crossword, word search, mazes, logic or numeric puzzles, something else, or nothing?

I prefer Sudoku.

List at least five favorite treats and it doesn’t necessarily have to be food.

#1 – Chocolate

#2 – Anything made with Mayonnaise

#3 – Cashews

#4 – Vanilla Ice Cream (especially with fruit and/or nut toppings).

#5 – Fruit Pies

What is your favorite type of dog? (can be anything from a specific breed, a stuffed animal or character in a movie)


What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?

My 8 year old Dell desktop finally is crapping out with hard disk problems. I decided to cross the line and bought my first Apple iMac computer after 35 years on IBM. It is almost like speaking a foreign language at times. Just simple cut and paste commands, or trying to delete emails from my trash folder becomes a game of search on Google.  The oddball differences in the user interfaces of the two systems just keeps me smiling. I think Apple needs to adopt the great utility of the right mouse click for simple tasks. Just Saying.

Follow this link to Cee’s SYW post to find other great entries.


I’m Back, Baby!

I have been having problems with WordPress under my Firefox browser for the past week. I couldn’t even get to a help page to chat with support. Finally switched to Google Chrome and got some help. I had to uninstall and reinstall Firefox to get my website to work again.

The I’m Back, Baby! meme was borrowed from here.

I hope to be reconnecting with everyone soon. Sorry for the interruption.

Oh, My Father


Oh, my father
Wish you were here
Ready to listen
Now so much is clear.

You led by example
Without ever knowing
The impact you made
While we were still growing.

You never let on
The turmoil inside
The anguish you felt
Always fighting the tide.

Life never was easy
You worked ever so hard
Without recognition
With little reward.

So much I have learned
In the years since you died
All life’s little lessons
That you bottled inside.

You got up every morning
With one thing in mind
To provide for your family
Despite hardships you’d find.

You never let on
How life ground you down
You just carried on
With a smile, not a frown.

I wish I could tell you
How much you are loved
But maybe you know it
From so far above.

The image of this 1940 Buick is almost identical to the car my father used to teach me how to drive. The image is from www.hemmings.com. You can follow the link to find out more information about the picture.