Contentment Loot

Do your best,

Your very, very best

To live your life

Without the strife.


Ignore the news.

It brings the blues.

You Facebook App

Is full of crap.


Hang up the phone.

Don’t bide the drone

From friends who think

You’re on the brink.


Sit quietly now.

For this is how

You make your way

Through every day.


Be kind to others,

They are your brothers.

They’ll come around

When peace is found.


They need to know

Ideas you sow

Will bear sweat fruit.

Contentment loot.

Cruise Day 8 – Church on the Spilled Blood

Saint Petersburg, Russia – September 10th, 2017

There is so much to see in Saint Petersburg that our wonderful cruise company, Holland America Lines, arranged to stay in port for two full days. On the second day, we booked a tour that included a trip on one of the canals and on the river plus a stop at the Church on the Spilled Blood.

This church was built on the spot where Tsar Alexander II was murdered by two anarchist conspirators. A temporary shrine was erected over the spot until the more permanent church could be designed and built.




Just inside the main entrance is the shrine with a canopy erected over the cobblestones that were stained by the blood of Alexander.



If you look through the gate in the short wall, you can see the actual cobblestones of that street as they were on that fateful day: March 13th, 1881.

Here is a small plaque next to the shrine:


Inside the church are 7,500 square meters of mosaics that will almost take your breath away. The amount of artistic work dedicated to this church is stunning.


Marvel in the splendor:





See details of the icons on the alter in my CFFC post on icons.








We exited to the back of the church where I took a few more outside pictures:






For more historical information regarding the origin of the church, check out this link to the Wikipedia page ‘Church of the Savior on Blood‘.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter I: Icons

St. Petersburg, Russia – Church on the Spilled Blood

This beautiful church is filled with icons. Here is just a small sample.





Later today I will be doing an entire post on this beautiful church.

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Mundane Monday Challenge #131

Savijarvi Manor, Sipoo, Finland

I am sure this activity goes on all around the world almost every day. If you own a dairy farm, a cattle ranch, or a horse farm, you have to store and maintain enough food for the animals to last through the winter. In today’s modern era, most farmers have given up on storing square meals for their animals and have adopted the much larger round bales.

Of course, these bales are too heavy to lift without assistance from machinery, so now the farmer has to have a front end loader to lift, move, and store the bales.


Summerfield, NC Hayfield

You have to get the bales from your large fields where they have been dropped by your baling machine:


When I was a young boy, my house was surrounded on three sides by a field that alternated being planted with corn and hay. During the hay cycle, the farmer baled the hay into smaller rectangular bales and then came back with a wagon and threw the bales up on the wagon and stacked them for transport back to the barn. No front end loader was required – just a great deal of manual labor.

Mundane Monday is a weekly challenge hosted by the blog Trablogger that helps photographers learn to focus on the beauty in mundane objects. Follow the link to see many other wonderful posts.


Sunday Trees – 309

Sailing out of Stockholm, Sweden, we passed by this wonderful outcrop of rock with a bench for viewing the harbor nestled among a few trees. Trees can grow almost anywhere, including small nooks and crannies in solid bedrock.


Minutes later, we passed a small island covered with beautiful trees:


Trees are one thing you will find in abundance when you travel on the north side of the Baltic Sea to Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

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Cruise Day 7 – Part 6 – The Hermitage Period Dress

St. Petersburg, Russia

In the small throne room, there was a display of costumes worn at court in Russia during the 18th and 19th century. Each display was protected by huge plexiglass boxes to protect the material from being touched by the public. Our guide indicated that several of the dresses were so old that they were about to disintegrate into a pile of dust if not handled properly.







The displays were placed all around the throne room floor you got the feeling of walking around a room filled with people from the past.