A Photo a Week Challenge: Vanishing Point

Helsinki, Finland

Nancy Merrill Photography always brings out the best with her weekly challenges. This week, with ‘Vanishing Point’, she highlights one of the principal guidelines in taking great photographs – Perspective. Nothing aids perspective more than a proper vanishing point to guide the eye through the subject matter of a photograph or painting.

I have chosen two photos from our trip to Helsinki to demonstrate both the curved and the straight line vanishing point techniques.

Curved Vanishing Point

Straight Line Vanishing Point

Note in the second photo that everything is moving away from the observer toward the vanishing point, emphasizing it even more.

Neither photo is of prize winning quality, but both are useful in demonstrating the technique of the ‘Vanishing Point’.

A Photo a Week Challenge: The Great Outdoors

Chilean Inner Passage

This photo was taken as we cruised north off the Chilean coast. This area of the planet is almost completely untouched by humans. I have several dozen photos take over two days while we cruised this beautiful coastline.

For other entries in this week’s challenge, go to the blog Nancy Merrill Photography and browse through the comment section. Even better, dig through your photo stash and find a photo of The Great Outdoors and share it with others.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #14: Windows +

Saintes, France

Here is my entry from the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre in the heart of the city of Saintes, near La Rochelle, France. No flash was allowed in the church and the lighting was quite dark. In order to get the full impact of the stained glass window, I had to black out the rest of the wall of the church.


Here is the plaque posted by the front entrance:


Here is the Cathedral from the outside:


Here is a link to this week’s challenge page: ===>