Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

Here is a picture taken in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico of school children participating in a spontaneous march for joy down one of the many cobbled streets. Their bodies were
densely packed together and the strung out for almost two blocks.

IMG_5330 (2)

When several of the students saw me taking photographs, the halted the march and posed for the camera. You have to admit that they are densely packed together for this shot.

IMG_5332 (2)

A Photo a Week Challenge: White

This is definitely not snow. Here we have Mammoth Hot Springs where the calcium carbonate deposits build up in shelves of beautiful white travertine terraces.


Of course, if you want some cool (or should I say cold) white or blue-white, you can always look for some ice broken off of an Alaskan glacier:


Thanks to Nancy Merrill Photography for sponsoring this weekly challenge. Follow the link to see other great entries in the “White” challenge.

The Magic of New Zealand

I decided, based upon a conversation with Debbie H from ‘Deb’s World‘ blog, to revisit (pun intended) some of our experiences from our trip last year to New Zealand. There was a definite air of Magic in this beautiful country.

This first image was taken from the balcony of our cabin as we cruised into Dunedin. What a magical way to start our cruise around the country.


The next three pictures were taken on our trip to see the Gannet Colonies at Cape Kidnappers near the city of Napier.




But to really capture the moment, you have to hear the wind and the bleating of the sheep. Here is a short movie that captures some of that magic.

My next post will showcase the gannet colony. That was also quite magical.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

How many hundreds of Edges can you find in these photos? They are all natural edges, and some of them are very sharp. I wouldn’t recommend trying to climb these.



Both pictures are from Cabo San Lucas in February of 2006.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Please hurry with the next NU book!

on September 4, 2016
Fast-paced military science fiction, I was very impressed that this is a first novel for Mr. Waugh. The author has really done his homework, as he has worked with many concepts of science, history, anthropology, space travel and military technology in this book. The story “reads” very well, editing is good, I only found 3 or 4 instances where the wrong word was used or misspelled. I really like the chapter structure and the 3 main story lines that are going on (two alien ones, and one human). I can’t wait to get the next installment of this story–hope it comes soon.
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Rare Shark Photo

This week’s photo challenge is Rare.

Here is a rare and lucky shot of a shark breaching the ocean’s surface taken off Amadee Island in New Caledonia, South Pacific.

IMG_2674 (2)

Here is that same shark as it approaches the boat under water:



Here is my latest Amazon review:

5.0 out of 5 stars You Won’t Believe This is a NU Author…
on August 13, 2016
Fast-paced military science fiction, one of those you won’t want to put down. You simply will not believe that this a first novel for a NU/new author. Remember Andy Weir and “The Martian”? Well, add in the military technology and battles from the likes of David Weber, along with some of the “Ancient Aliens” theories and stories, and you’ll have a good idea of what this book is about.

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