Not so Insane

This poem was written in response to the poem ‘Ghost of myself‘ by The Darkest Fairytale. Follow the title link to read that poem first.

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Not so Insane

A spectral vision,
For those who can see.
There’ll be no collision
Between you and me.
I see you are frantic,
So just turn around.
I’m not so pedantic,
I’ll wipe off your frown.
This new world is different,
So try to adapt.
By working together,
We’ll make a new map.
Perhaps we’ll find other’s
Caught in this same plane,
We’re sisters and brothers
And not so insane.

Sweet Silence

Sweet silence,
How it soothes the soul,
In recompense,
On grassy knoll,
For days gone by,
With raucous sound,
Where time does fly,
And noise abound.

A stirring blade,
Of spring’s new grass,
A zephyr’s breath,
That that will not last.
Soft colors add
More inner peace,
No room for sad,
When angst does cease.

This poem was inspired by a post from ‘The Darkest Fairytale‘ that you can find by following the link. The featured image is from the Andromeda Botanic Gardens in Barbados.

For My Valentine

Today is not only Valentine’s day, but our 23 1/2 year anniversary. You see, Alice and I were married on August 14th, 1993. We celebrate our half-anniversary every year.

I thought I would write a poem to express how lucky and loved I am feeling today:

Express Your Love

Express your love in every way.
In every deed you do today,
In every look. In what you say.
Let her know you’re here to stay.

As years go by renew your vows.
With every look, with every touch.
The answer to when’s what’s and how’s
Is “I love you so very much!”

So live each day connected and true,
Like it’s Valentines for me and you.
For each day counts. Each kiss, caress.
A love mere words cannot Express.


Daily Prompt: Invitation

The Invitation

Even though it’s formal,
Love is at its heart.
Anything but normal,
A journey at its start.

Friends will gather near,
Family in the fore.
The bride will then appear,
Her beauty all adore.

Wedding vows recited,
As eyes are locked in love.
The couple so excited,
With blessings from above.

So join the bride and groom,
Becoming man and wife.
Accept the invitation,
To celebrate their life.


Light vs Dark

I see the light
Where you see dark.
I like the sight,
I’m not a mark.

Give me a chance
To demonstrate
The power of love
To change your fate.

Where darkness reigns,
The mind will doubt,
When light invades,
Love’s power comes out.


This poem was written in response to a poem Zombie from the blog ‘The Darkest Fairytale’. Head over to read this powerful and dark verse.


The featured image is called Light vs Dark by Kage-Kaldaka  and may be found at the following link:

What is Love?

Love is a simple word,
Four letters seldom heard.
A man made sound
That’s so profound,
Describing it is so absurd.

A gentle smile lights up the eyes,
Acceptance shown with little sighs,
A look, a fragrance,
A touch, a glance,
A simple kiss before goodbye’s.

While deep inside, you are content,
No searching now, you have what’s meant,
To be your mate,
Not just a date,
But companionship that’s heaven sent.

What is love? You need to ask?
A warmth, a glow in which you bask.
Cuddling in a soft warm bed,
Knowing all when nothing’s said.
Comfortable, happy without a mask.

So, if you know of what I speak,
You know with love you reach your peak.
When all alone you look around,
Your other half just must be found,
For love is everything you seek.

Smells of the Season – Aromatic

Turkey wings roasting, a full week before,

Gravy to make, with smells galore.

The meal is so big, it takes days to prepare,

The family is coming, no time to despair.

The frige is so full, no room for white wine,

Store in the garage, they should be just fine,

The reds we stand up to settle the dregs,

Decant them we will, from oak in the kegs.

The morning arrives, all the plans have been made,

The pies go in first, their smell just won’t fade.

They are so aromatic, you beg for a taste,

But mother says no, shoos you off in her haste.

The stuffing is key to a thanksgiving meal,

The bread crumbs prepared, the onions are peeled.

Saute those onions with sausage and spice,

Combine the ingredients, the smell is so nice.

Now stuff that big turkey, both ends must be filled,

Brush on melted butter, salt and pepper from the mill.

Extra butter in the pan for basting the bird,

Pop in the oven and don’t say a word.

The smells in the house portend a great feast,

The table is set, awaiting the beast,

To come out of the oven and go on display,

The browned skin proclaiming, it’s Thanksgiving Day.

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