Light vs Dark

I see the light
Where you see dark.
I like the sight,
I’m not a mark.

Give me a chance
To demonstrate
The power of love
To change your fate.

Where darkness reigns,
The mind will doubt,
When light invades,
Love’s power comes out.


This poem was written in response to a poem Zombie from the blog ‘The Darkest Fairytale’. Head over to read this powerful and dark verse.


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What is Love?

Love is a simple word,
Four letters seldom heard.
A man made sound
That’s so profound,
Describing it is so absurd.

A gentle smile lights up the eyes,
Acceptance shown with little sighs,
A look, a fragrance,
A touch, a glance,
A simple kiss before goodbye’s.

While deep inside, you are content,
No searching now, you have what’s meant,
To be your mate,
Not just a date,
But companionship that’s heaven sent.

What is love? You need to ask?
A warmth, a glow in which you bask.
Cuddling in a soft warm bed,
Knowing all when nothing’s said.
Comfortable, happy without a mask.

So, if you know of what I speak,
You know with love you reach your peak.
When all alone you look around,
Your other half just must be found,
For love is everything you seek.

Smells of the Season – Aromatic

Turkey wings roasting, a full week before,

Gravy to make, with smells galore.

The meal is so big, it takes days to prepare,

The family is coming, no time to despair.

The frige is so full, no room for white wine,

Store in the garage, they should be just fine,

The reds we stand up to settle the dregs,

Decant them we will, from oak in the kegs.

The morning arrives, all the plans have been made,

The pies go in first, their smell just won’t fade.

They are so aromatic, you beg for a taste,

But mother says no, shoos you off in her haste.

The stuffing is key to a thanksgiving meal,

The bread crumbs prepared, the onions are peeled.

Saute those onions with sausage and spice,

Combine the ingredients, the smell is so nice.

Now stuff that big turkey, both ends must be filled,

Brush on melted butter, salt and pepper from the mill.

Extra butter in the pan for basting the bird,

Pop in the oven and don’t say a word.

The smells in the house portend a great feast,

The table is set, awaiting the beast,

To come out of the oven and go on display,

The browned skin proclaiming, it’s Thanksgiving Day.

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I once had a frog that jumped over a house,

Just to visit his friend, the horse sized dormouse.

The two had been partners in crime so you see,

They needed a plan to continue their spree.


The banks were too easy and just not much fun,

The people and guards would see them and run.

So Froggy suggested they hold up Fort Knox,

Dormousey replied “Let’s steal Wall Street’s stocks”.


They spent the next week planning heist after heist,

But nothing seemed big enough, nothing sufficed.

They argued and argued and could not agree,

They were stuck in a world called Hyperbole.

Featured image compliments of Carl D. Howe via Wikimedia Commons


I Thought I Was Wrong…

I thought I was wrong,
But found I was right,
To not slink away,
Into the night.

I thought I might run,
But I stayed on to fight,
When the bully screamed loudly,
And filled me with fright.

The bully was looking,
For me to stand strong,
He thought I would flee,
But was glad he was wrong.

A friend he was seeking,
In all the wrong ways,
Now a friend he has found,
For the rest of his days.

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Nowhere to Turn

Would you rather be Banned?
Would you rather be Canned?
It’s a difficult choice,
One that could not be Planned.

Would you just stay Away?
Would you kneel down and Pray?
Which one would you choose
On this difficult Day?

A new job you must Find.
You are so in a Bind.
The bills keep on coming.
They are totally Blind.

What lesson did you Learn
When your boss you did Spurn?
Was it worth such a cost?
Now you’ve nowhere to Turn.


Urgent or Not

Urgent or not,
I’ve got what I’ve got,
I have nothing more,
To give to the boor.

He asks for the world,
It must be right now,
The crisis depends
On the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

The attitude check,
He says that you need,
Is really his problem.
His problem indeed.

Dr. Suess would just say,
He should just go away,
And leave you to solve,
This problem today.

You’re good at your job,
You know what’s required,
Send him back to his office,
For he’ll soon be retired.

He needs a chill pill,
Something large, something blue,
Something so hard to swallow,
Something too hard to chew.

At the end of the day,
We go home to play
With the kids and the dog,
“Nothing urgent” I’d say.

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The Candle Light

The Candle light,
Is not so bright,
To blind his eyes,
As Jimmy cries.
His son is gone,
He’s all alone,
The hall is so still,
He’s lost his will.

The picture frame,
Reflects the flame,
The boy’s sweet smile,
Will last a while.
A memory now,
Bitter somehow.
The loss so deep,
It hurts to weep.

The night is long,
No room for song,
The only thing,
That tears will bring,
Is fitful sleep
That’s not so deep,
To quell the pain.
His son’s been slain.

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