Sunday Trees – 374

Tree Ice

It is a grey, icy morning in North Carolina. Another of those winter storms is passing through, leaving a beautiful coating of ice on all of our trees, bushes, sidewalks, and roads. We have already had several instances of power blips, possibly presaging an outage. I thought everyone might enjoy a few photos of a tree ice sculpture created by nature.

Weeping Cherry Tree
Close up I
Close up II
Close up III

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Sunday Trees – 7th Anniversary

Plaza San Francisco, Cartagena, Spain


This is the second tree from Plaza San Francisco. I posted the first tree on Sunday Trees – 362 on October 21st. Here is that photo:


This ancient pair of trees dominate the plaza and are just outside of a wonderful wine bar called ‘la loca JUANA’, the window of which is shown below:


I had a wonderful glass of local red wine and an absolutely delicious tapas dish. If you are in Cartagena, stop in and try their fare.

Sunday Trees is a wonderful challenge hosted by Becca Givens at her blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea‘. Thank you, Becca, for 7 years of Sunday Trees. You have done a marvelous job.

Sunday Trees – 360 – Thursday Doors

Saintes, France

These two trees are in the gardens in front of the Palais De Justice in Saintes, France. Notice the touch of red in the door in the lower right quadrant.

Here are the doors up close:


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