Tuesday Photo Challenge – Comfort

I decided to go personal with this challenge. Newborn grandchildren are very special. When you wrap them in a soft blanket and hold them in your arms, you have comfort for both yourself and the baby.  This picture is from 2003. My granddaughter just made her confirmation less than two weeks ago.

Babypics 016

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Reflection

Cartagena, Spain

I was very fortunate to catch this little boy playing in the streets of Cartagena. The puddle of water just behind him is left over from the street cleaning after a late night celebration in the city.


Here is the original, unedited photo:


I think both have something to offer.

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scene

Stockholm, Sweden

Here is a scene from the deck of Holland America’s ms Koningsdam as we were leaving the port in Stockholm.


Perhaps someone can tell me about what appears to be some kind of amusement park on the bay.

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sand

Artist in the Sand:

I captured this image back in 2007 in the US Virgin Islands. This painter/photographer was very busy with a watercolor of the lagoon on this quiet beach:


Here is a view of what he was painting:


I hate to think about what this looks like now, after two brutal hurricanes. I hope everyone there is okay and recovering.

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Woods

Here is a swollen, flooding river being swallowed by a dense woods. The picture was taken in North West New Jersey the day after a heavy rainfall.

IMG_5797 (2)

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – History

This featured image represents one of the most historical trips my wife and I have experienced. We were on a Mediterranean cruise in May of 2001, and every stop was steeped in history. Our stop in Ephesus, Turkey was one of the highlights of the cruise. At that time, about one square mile of the city had been excavated, and everywhere we looked was wondrous. This particular picture is of the library in Ephesus.


However, this being the 4th of July, I thought I should include some American history. This next picture is from the siege at Vicksburg, Mississippi during the American Civil War.

Texas Trip 003A

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