Tuesday Photo Challenge – Broken

I dug into my archives for this photo from Yellowstone National Park. The theme this week is ‘Broken’. Take a look at all of the broken tree trunks scattered over this hill overlooking the river. They look like scattered pickup sticks.


You can join the fun on ‘Dutch goes the Photo!’ blog run by Frank Jansen. Follow the link and make a contribution.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Morning

It is definitely morning in North Carolina. Seeing Frank’s weekly challenge was about ‘Morning’, I decided to go outside and see what the morning had to offer. Here is a picture of the street in front of our house looking east toward the sunrise. The sun is behind some clouds, which allowed for this picture:

Morning 001 (2)

A few minutes later, the sun peeked out and I was able to get the long shadows of the trees in our front yard spreading across our front lawn and onto the house:

Morning 003 (2)

Then I decided to capture my own long shadow:

Morning 004

So, many thanks to Frank Jansen at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘ for sponsoring this weekly challenge. Follow the link to see Frank’s blog page and discover some of the other entries.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Forward

This week Frank Jansen is challenging us to post photos with the theme ‘Forward’. You can find Frank’s entry and those of the other participants by clicking through to his blog ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘.

I have three entries for this challenge. The first is from St. Maarten:

IMG_4941 (2)

The second is from St. Lucia:

IMG_5118 (2).JPG

And the third is from our local Veterans Day parade last year.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

That is me in the middle. The middle son (circa early 1950’s).


Those are not Tommy Hilfiger stripes on the shirts. The shirts were probably on sale at Montgomery Ward’s children’s department. Sorry if I am dating myself, but those were good times. If you were good, you got your one bicycle at Christmas when you were 9 or 10 years old and you made it last until you learned to drive your family car (singular, not plural).


Remember the old red Coca Cola signs? Remember getting good ice cream at the local Howard Johnson’s restaurant? Probably not, because most of you were not yet born.


(Picture Credit: Brighton Allston Historical Society at http://www.bahistory.org)

Growing up, we had one rotary dial phone in the house that was a party line with one or more of our neighbors. Our phone number was HE6-0997. HE stood for Hemlock. There were no area codes at that time.



There was no such thing as a ‘play date’. Our mother told us to go play outside. We didn’t come home until my father whistled us home for dinner. There was always something to do, some place to explore, some trouble to find. That is when our bicycles came in handy.

This challenge is sponsored by Frank Jansen at the blog ‘Dutch goes the photo!‘. Follow the link to find other nostalgic entries for this week.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Land

I live in rural North Carolina, north of the city of Greensboro. This is farming country. With that in mind, I want to showcase a few photos of the local farmland for this Tuesday Photo Challenge from Frank Jansen at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!’

The featured image is of a fallow field taken on August 20th of this year.


I went back three months later on November 20th to the same field and captured what the farmer did with all of the wild grasses and weeds:


These round bales of hay are still in the field, unmoved. I think perhaps the farm produced an overabundance of hay bales.

Next I want to showcase some local corn fields:




My understanding is that this is corn grown to feed chickens. Sometimes these same fields are planted with tobacco and sometimes with soybeans.

As the population in our area expands, many of these fields will become housing developments. Life marches forward without much help from us.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned

This weeks photo challenge from Frank Jansen at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘ is the word ‘abandoned’. In my neighborhood in North Carolina, USA, there are many abandoned barns and other farm related buildings. However, I selected what appears to be some kind of abandoned retail store at the intersection of two streets. I say this because of the shape of the building and what appears to be an overgrown sign on the roof.


I bled all of the color out of the photo to give it a classic old time photo look. Then I used a sepia type filter to see how that impacted the abandoned look. I would be curious to know your thoughts on which photo appears to depict ‘abandoned’ in a better light (pun intended).