Tuesday Photo Challenge – Broken

I dug into my archives for this photo from Yellowstone National Park. The theme this week is ‘Broken’. Take a look at all of the broken tree trunks scattered over this hill overlooking the river. They look like scattered pickup sticks.


You can join the fun on ‘Dutch goes the Photo!’ blog run by Frank Jansen. Follow the link and make a contribution.

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 15 of 2017 | Martinique

This odd little gazebo like structure was in the middle of a plaza on the waterfront in the port city of Fort-de-France in Martinique. You can see bands of different colored and textured paver tiles on the plaza with the matching textured steps up to the covered surface. I also like the smooth texture of the roof vs. the rough and rusty texture of the columns.

IMG_5270 (2)

Thanks again to Narami at ‘De Monte Y Mar‘ for sponsoring this weekly challenge.

Monday Window – Martinique

On our Caribbean cruise, we made a stop at the beautiful island of Martinique. My wife and I chose to do a photo excursion of the city of Fort-de-France. I captured many beautiful buildings with their wonderful windows.

IMG_5225 (2)

IMG_5226 (2)

IMG_5227 (2).JPG

IMG_5229 (2)

IMG_5232 (2).JPG

Now for this beautiful cathedral captured in reflection:

IMG_5233 (2)

IMG_5234 (2)

IMG_5236 (3)

Here are some paintings of windows:

IMG_5240 (2)

IMG_5244 (2)

The same building from directly in front:

IMG_5247 (2)

IMG_5245 (2)

IMG_5248 (2)

IMG_5249 (2)

IMG_5255 (2)

IMG_5256 (2)

IMG_5257 (2)

IMG_5260 (2)

IMG_5268 (2)

IMG_5280 (2).JPG

This picture was taken from the back deck of our cruise ship ms Koningsdam.

IMG_5292 (2)

And here is a picture of the back of the Koningsdam from the port. There are also many beautiful windows on the ship:

IMG_5266 (2)

I hope you enjoyed the windows of Martinique. Which is your favorite?


Sunday Trees – 282 – Martinique

These trees are in the park called La Savane in Fort-de-France bay in Martinique. This is an unfenced, 12 1/2 acre park facing the bay and adjacent to Fort Saint Louis.


Here is a picture of the fort:


The famous Bibliothèque Schoelcher (or Schoelcher Library) also faces this park and has several wonderful trees planted on the grounds:

IMG_5252 (2)


Stop over to Becca Givens blog ‘On Butterfly Wings with Buttercup Tea‘ to see all of this weeks Sunday Trees posts.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens – Barbados

I hope you are ready for a series of beautiful pictures of plants and flowers from Andromeda Botanical Gardens in Barbados. You can see another series from this wonderful place in my Sunday Trees – 281 – Barbados post. There is also my Wordless Wednesday – Barbados post with still one more beautiful photo.

Since I cannot pick an order, I will display the photos in the order that I took them as we toured around the gardens.

IMG_5165 (2)

IMG_5167 (2)

IMG_5169 (2)

IMG_5175 (2)

IMG_5179 (2)

IMG_5184 (2)

IMG_5185 (2)

IMG_5186 (2)IMG_5187

IMG_5193 (2)

IMG_5198 (2)

IMG_5201 (2)

IMG_5202 (2)

IMG_5206 (2)

IMG_5207 (2)

IMG_5208 (2)

The following plant is called ‘Step Mother’s Tongue‘. Why, do you suppose?

IMG_5209 (2)

IMG_5210 (2)

IMG_5211 (2)


Three cheers for anyone who can guess which picture is my favorite. Also, let me know which photo is your favorite.