Tuesday Photo Challenge – Unusual

Imagine something ‘Unusual’ with a name like ‘Old Faithful’. How unusual is it to have a natural geyser that blows at such a regular interval.

In this picture, it almost appears that Old Faithful is creating the beautiful clouds in the background sky.


Here is another example of the geyser at its peak:


Frank Jansen runs this wonderful weekly challenge at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘. You should consider joining the fun and contributing your thoughts and photos.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Street

The cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico are a photographer’s paradise.

IMG_5392 (2)

This weekly challenge is feature of Frank Jansen on his wonderful blog Dutch goes the Photo! Follow the link to see other ‘Street’ entries this week. Then consider joining the fun and posting an entry of your favorite street photo. Let us all enjoy your work.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Healthy

With the new spring growth, this small but thriving pine tree is really very healthy. Just look at the vibrancy of the green against the pine straw background. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have the morning sun peeking through the trees to light up the young branches.

Tuesdays of Texture 004 (2)

This weekly challenge is sponsored by Frank Jansen on his blog ‘Dutch Goes the Photo!‘  Follow the link to see other great ‘healthy’ entries.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – RGB

Today’s Tuesday Photo Challenge is to find a picture with the colors Red, Green, and Blue. I went back to our trip to Copenhagen and the Queens favorite Summer Residence – Fredensborg in Northern Zealand.

This first photo is on the street/plaza walking up to the residence:

Norway and Scotland Cruise 038a

The second photo is of one of the palace guards. The guard house behind the soldier is a dark red (currently in shadow). You can also see the scarlet piping in the uniform.

Norway and Scotland Cruise 047a

Thanks again to Frank Jansen for sponsoring his weekly photo challenge for the past year. Follow this link to his blog ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘ to see all of the RGB entries.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Broken

I dug into my archives for this photo from Yellowstone National Park. The theme this week is ‘Broken’. Take a look at all of the broken tree trunks scattered over this hill overlooking the river. They look like scattered pickup sticks.


You can join the fun on ‘Dutch goes the Photo!’ blog run by Frank Jansen. Follow the link and make a contribution.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Morning

It is definitely morning in North Carolina. Seeing Frank’s weekly challenge was about ‘Morning’, I decided to go outside and see what the morning had to offer. Here is a picture of the street in front of our house looking east toward the sunrise. The sun is behind some clouds, which allowed for this picture:

Morning 001 (2)

A few minutes later, the sun peeked out and I was able to get the long shadows of the trees in our front yard spreading across our front lawn and onto the house:

Morning 003 (2)

Then I decided to capture my own long shadow:

Morning 004

So, many thanks to Frank Jansen at ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘ for sponsoring this weekly challenge. Follow the link to see Frank’s blog page and discover some of the other entries.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Forward

This week Frank Jansen is challenging us to post photos with the theme ‘Forward’. You can find Frank’s entry and those of the other participants by clicking through to his blog ‘Dutch goes the Photo!‘.

I have three entries for this challenge. The first is from St. Maarten:

IMG_4941 (2)

The second is from St. Lucia:

IMG_5118 (2).JPG

And the third is from our local Veterans Day parade last year.