Mundane Monday Challenge #131

Savijarvi Manor, Sipoo, Finland

I am sure this activity goes on all around the world almost every day. If you own a dairy farm, a cattle ranch, or a horse farm, you have to store and maintain enough food for the animals to last through the winter. In today’s modern era, most farmers have given up on storing square meals for their animals and have adopted the much larger round bales.

Of course, these bales are too heavy to lift without assistance from machinery, so now the farmer has to have a front end loader to lift, move, and store the bales.


Summerfield, NC Hayfield

You have to get the bales from your large fields where they have been dropped by your baling machine:


When I was a young boy, my house was surrounded on three sides by a field that alternated being planted with corn and hay. During the hay cycle, the farmer baled the hay into smaller rectangular bales and then came back with a wagon and threw the bales up on the wagon and stacked them for transport back to the barn. No front end loader was required – just a great deal of manual labor.

Mundane Monday is a weekly challenge hosted by the blog Trablogger that helps photographers learn to focus on the beauty in mundane objects. Follow the link to see many other wonderful posts.


Mundane Monday Challenge #130

Today I want to display a few mundane pictures from our last cruise to the Baltic that highlight commercial activity using the color red:

Here is a picture from Helsinki Finland:


Next is a picture taken in front of the Hermitage Museum, looking across the street toward the river.


And finally, just outside of the Church of the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg is the featured image of two kiosks:


All three photos show the extent of marketing around the world from the Coca Cola brand.

Mundane Monday is a weekly challenge hosted by the blog Trablogger that helps photographers learn to focus on the beauty in mundane objects. Follow the link to see many other wonderful posts.

Mundane Monday Challenge #94 : Learn Photography

“This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things and frame it beautifully…”

So says PhoTrablogger on his Mundane Monday challenge page.

Today, I pulled a photo out of my archive from last fall. Here is a street sign just down the corner from my house.




Mundane Monday Challenge #90

A bar stool can be mundane, but this one is put together beautifully:


This photograph was taken at a restaurant/bar called Fogarty’s in Key West, Florida. We had a nice lunch here on our excursion around the city during our Western Caribbean cruise this month. Here is a picture of the restaurant:


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Mundane Monday – Nov 21, 2016

In North Carolina, it is tough for the cattle and horses to find a square meal. I believe that the farmers got an extra cutting of their fields this year because of the warm, dry autumn. None of the livestock should be going hungry this winter.




Here is one shot in black and white just to be a little different.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week, especially those in the USA who will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday. Enjoy your family and friends.

Mundane Monday Macaroni Salad

This picture was taken last September as a tease for my soon to be married son Abe. He loves macaroni salad. I texted a copy of the picture to him so that he would know what he was missing. I just couldn’t delete the photo because it looked so delicious.


We had this with my killer ribs made in a Big Green Egg and my wife’s delicious baked beans. It was a wonderful summer meal.


Mundane Monday Challenge #83 : Learn Photography

Today we have a picture of fallen leaves in the forest. This picture was taken yesterday afternoon in Haw River State Park in Browns Summit, NC. The sun was two hours away from setting and cut through the almost empty treetops to yield some beautiful light and shadow patterns on the forest floor.


So, the setting was mundane, but the result was not.

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