Tuesdays of Texture | Week 18 of 2017

It is a beautiful spring morning in North Carolina. I took my camera outside to capture several images with texture and found this small spring shoot of leaves on the trunk of an older sweet gum tree. The softness of the leaf surface contrasts nicely with the roughness of the gray bark.

Tuesdays of Texture 007 (2)

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Tuesdays of Texture | Week 16 of 2017 | Old San Juan

Here we have a picture of Christopher Columbus in Colon Plaza in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The statue has some lovely textural details.

IMG_5402 (2)

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Tuesdays of Texture | Week 15 of 2017 | Martinique

This odd little gazebo like structure was in the middle of a plaza on the waterfront in the port city of Fort-de-France in Martinique. You can see bands of different colored and textured paver tiles on the plaza with the matching textured steps up to the covered surface. I also like the smooth texture of the roof vs. the rough and rusty texture of the columns.

IMG_5270 (2)

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Tuesdays of Texture | Week 14 of 2017 | Barbados

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Today I feature the Rock of Bethsheba Rock on Bathesheba Beach on the east coast of Barbados. The waves never cease on this side of the island that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The waves have undercut the rock to make this beautiful formation.

IMG_5142 (2)

With the ocean in the foreground and the palms in the background, you have quite a mixture of different textures.

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 12 of 2017

Since you mentioned Puerto Rico in today’s challenge, I decided to give you a few pictures from Old San Juan taken on March 9th, 2017 on our cruise stop. Enjoy.

First is a parrot seen in next to the information booth in Colon Plaza:

IMG_5406 (2)

Next is a picture of the statue of Christopher Columbus in the same plaza named after him:


Finally, a picture looking west along Fortaleza street with its cobblestones:


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Tuesdays of Texture | Week 7 of 2017

We had an 80 degree day on February 12th in our area of North Carolina so we decided to go to the North Carolina Zoo:


It is the larges zoo in the USA when measured by acreage and has two sections: North America; and Africa. It being the middle of winter, we decided that most of the African exhibits would be closed, so we visited the North America section this time.

Here are just a couple of my photos with some great texture.







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Tuesdays of Texture | Badlands South Dakota

I promised several of my followers a post from our trip to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Well, Tuesdays of Texture seems to be an appropriate venue for this post. I have 20 pictures from the 50+ shots I took that I would like to share. My featured image is the last of these 20 photos chronologically but it has overwhelming texture.

Feel free to skim through the photos and let me know what you think and which is your favorite.

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